Technology, systems, and processes are all important. But what really drives your business?

Managers, executives, interns, volunteers. Whatever role they fill they’re all people.

And people get work done through relationships…with co-workers, managers, employees, team members, vendors, and customers.

Business goes well when they communicate effectively. When they support one another in the quest toward a common goal. When they understand one another and appreciate and leverage their differences.

What happens when they don’t? You’ve experienced it before. We all have. Tensions bubble under the surface, sometimes erupting in hostility. Trust and enthusiasm wane. Gossip and backbiting flourish. People are frustrated, discouraged, and disengaged.

What does that do for your business? Well let’s just say it slows things down a little. Over time the company slides backwards. Sometimes it slides to its ultimate demise.

But the reality is you CAN develop your team’s ability to communicate more effectively. And get ready, because when you do, your organization’s performance will dramatically improve!

Make one of your goals for 2018 to embed people power into your organization! From entry level to CEO, and every job in between, you can boost your team’s people power by helping them understand themselves and others better.

What’s the quickest, most cost-effective way to increase self-awareness, communication ability, and people power? We think it’s using Everything DiSC®Click Here for a success story from a banking organization that did just that with remarkable results.

The possibilities for your organization are nearly endless, but here are a few:

  • Have team members complete a DiSC assessment and follow up with private feedback and coaching sessions. This is a powerful means to develop talent. Is your employee group in sales? There’s a unique profile just for sales people! Are they managers? Use the Management assessment. Are they executives? The Work of Leaders assessment is tailored for the highest levels of leadership.
  • Provide a DiSC team workshop so everyone can understand one another better, and can see the group’s overall style. This is a tremendously effective exercise for team start up, or to help a team get reengaged. This can be tailored for sales, managers, or executives as well.
  • Provide a DiSC 360 evaluation process for candid, constructive performance feedback with incredible ease of use. Follow up with individual and team debriefs and next steps.

We’d be happy to talk about any of these possibilities. Just contact us!

So what’s holding you back?

Let us come alongside and help you out. Or, if you prefer, do it on your own! Here’s how you can embed DiSC into your organization:

Not only will you build your business’s capability, but you’ll build your culture.

The thing is, when team members pursue a common goal, communicate effectively, and value their differences, they’re naturally more engaged. When your people are more engaged they give discretionary effort. They work with their hearts, not just with their heads and hands. When people work with their hearts they create an environment that’s more fulfilling for everyone. With a culture like this, your people build your business. It comes full circle and everyone wins. Business leaders, employees, customers…EVERYONE wins!

And so, the question is… “how will you develop your people to power your business?”

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