One of the vexing questions for companies (especially in the small to mid-size category) is about investing in new managers – and how it benefits you.

The questions that lurk under the surface are usually along these lines:

  • How can we know if investing in new managers is worthwhile?
  • What if we just let them figure it out on the job?
  • If we invest in training a new manager and then she leaves, isn’t that just money walking out the door?

Let’s unpack this a little.

Investing in New Managers

Quality leadership is not intuitive.

Managers must make a profound mindset and values shift in order to lead well. They must realize they are no longer individual contributors, and that success now comes through the performance of others. This is not an easy adjustment for star performers who have been successful through the flexing of their independent muscle, ingenuity, and creativity.

To gain success through others they need specific new skills. For example, they need to learn methods of effective delegation, which many new managers find particularly challenging. They also need to learn coaching techniques in order to bring the best out of others. These skills are rarely intuitive. In fact, they are often counter-intuitive.

Investing in New Managers

Quality leaders create healthier cultures.

People don’t leave jobs. They leave bad bosses. You want your managers to bring the best out of the people who work for them, and to engender loyalty.

Think long term. Your management tier is an incubation tank for future leaders of the company. Grow those future leaders now! Develop a culture of quality leadership that defines your organization. Your organization will benefit from the cohesiveness that results!

Stagnation results from neglecting development.

If your organization doesn’t train and develop its managers, guess what kind of managers you’ll retain? The ones who don’t value training and development! The ones who are just fine with status quo. It’s a lot harder to attract and retain emerging talent if you don’t offer development.

Think about the kind of organization you want to be in 3, 5, 10 years … Do you want to continue to be a company that doesn’t train its leaders? Probably not. Commit now to become what you aspire to be.

But, what if I invest in their training and then they leave?

True, people are more mobile than ever. But, your best talent is far more incentivized to stay if you invest in their development. And if you train them and they leave? At least they’ll be out there telling others about the development they received at your organization, which will build your reputation and attract high caliber talent.

The thing is … if your organization doesn’t provide leadership development and a path for career growth, the best ones will be the first ones to leave anyway.

And the ones who stay? They’re often content with mediocrity. Less innovative. Less intellectually curious. Less ambitious.

Is that who you want leading your company into the future?
Probably not.

We can’t emphasize this enough! Investing in your new managers fosters an evergreen cycle of strong, dependable leaders. Which, in turn, creates a positive company culture. Give them the support, direction and coaching they need to take your organization to the next level. In the long run you’ll be very glad you did.

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