Managers play a critical role in your organization. How will you develop them for success?

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Bring Launch!, an innovative management development cohort, to your organization.

Learners begin their journey by completing the Everything DiSC® Management assessment online. They then meet for six half-day sessions every other week, practicing what they learn between sessions.

Sessions are highly interactive and include personal action planning. Learners also receive three private coaching sessions!

Learners have access to a mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal, MyEverything DiSC which provides real time strategies for communicating with specific team members.

Launch! can be customized to meet your needs.

We prefer 8 or more learners to create a dynamic learning environment. Don’t have enough managers to form a class? No worries, we can probably pair you with another small company!

See the infographic below for detail on sessions:


Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional management training programs are offered as a two or three day intensive “dunk.” While the content may be great, meaningful absorption and application are minimal. We know that people learn better in “chunks”, so we designed the cohort to provide learning spaced out over 12 weeks with intentional, sustained practice between sessions. At each cohort session learners will report on their practice to their peers, so accountability is part of our process.

We believe deeper learning occurs when it is staggered over time, in the context of peer relationships, with practice in the real world.

We also believe the personalization of this course is second to none. Having a personalized DiSC® management assessment, and three sessions of private coaching gives each learner deeper self-knowledge and the opportunity to get specific help for any trouble spots.

The traditional training class is a more passive data-dump session. The cohort is anything but! And while traditional training class participants spend a few days together in class they rarely build relationships that help their careers flourish. Our design is intended to help them build peer relationships over the course of 12 weeks that are rooted in hard work, shared vulnerability, fun, and mutual encouragement.
Not necessarily. While we expect most of our learners will be managers, this course can be an excellent opportunity for high potential employees to develop management capability. You will need the opportunity to practice skills in the workplace, so cooperation from your boss will be important to be sure you are able to exercise your new skills.
The cohort is designed to benefit both new managers (i.e. less than two years of experience) and more experienced managers who would like more leadership development. We believe diversity of seniority and industry makes for a more vibrant learning environment.
Increased self-awareness is a critical need for improved leadership. The Everything DISC® management assessment helps you understand your personality and your management style more deeply. You will increase not just your own self-awareness, but also understand the communication styles of others, and learn strategies to adapt your style to improve your communication as a leader. This report also provides a wealth of information about your management priorities and preferences. In addition, you will learn how to connect better with people whose priorities and preferences differ from yours.

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