360 Assessments

Do You See Yourself As Others See You?

Whether you’re an emerging leader or an experienced executive, it’s critical to understand the differences between the way you see yourself, and the way you are seen by your peers, managers, and direct reports.

You Need To Become A Self-Aware Leader

If you continue to lead without self-awareness…

  • You will continue leading with your blind spots on display for all to see
  • You will be unaware of strengths that you could have leveraged
  • You will wonder how effective your leadership really is!

Leaders Need Regular, Formal Feedback

We believe your organization is healthier when people are invited to provide constructive feedback.

It’s a win/win situation when it’s done well.

But we know embarking on a 360 process can take courage. What will people say? How will I manage the compliments and the critique? What steps do I take after I get their feedback?

We’ll Walk You Through The Entire Process

Don’t worry! We’ve helped leaders around the world increase their self-awareness through this process. We can help you do the same!

Our 360 process includes:

  • A choice of two industry-leading assessments (Hogan 360 or Everything DiSC 363®)
  • Consultation
  • Private debrief

Here's How We Do It

360 Selection

We help you decide which 360 assessment best suits your needs: Hogan 360 or Everything DiSC 363.

Rater Team Setup

We help you create your list of “raters” (feedback providers) and then help you clearly communicate to them the 360 process and purpose.

Rater Feedback Collection

We send assessment links to your raters and monitor their progress in providing feedback.

Debrief and Development Plan

When rating is finished, we set up a debrief meeting with you to uncover the results and create your personal development plan.

(Optional) Coaching Plan

If you want coaching to get traction on your development plan, we’ll design a coaching engagement to help you reach your goals

Work With Us

Together, we will…

  • Select the right 360 for your needs
  • Communicate with your raters so everyone is on board
  • Discover your feedback, deepen your self-awareness, and reach your leadership potential!

Schedule a call today, so you can stop wondering how effective your leadership is, and start developing it!