Assessments for Selection and Development

You Want To Hire the Right Fit For The Job...

But some candidates present better than they perform.

And references don’t always give candid feedback.

Bad Hires are Costly

Use Evidence-Based Assessments

You shouldn’t have to “shoot in the dark” when hiring. The good news is, you don’t have to.

Converge Coaching & Consulting offers the full suite of Hogan evidence-based assessments to help you make superior hiring decisions.

Whether for frontline employees, or a C-level position, we have the right assessments to help you make better hiring decisions.

Here's How We Do It

Select Assessment

We help you select the right assessment to predict a candidate’s performance for their intended role.

Collect Results

We send your candidate a link to their online assessment where they can respond.


We consult with you on the results uncovered by the candidate’s assessment.

We’ll help you understand candidate strengths, and the attributes that could potentially derail their effectiveness.

Work With Us

Together we will…

Schedule a call today, so you can start using an evidence-based hiring approach that fits the right person to the right role.

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