Coaching Packages

Company Success Depends On Leadership Excellence

Whether for yourself, or the leaders in your organization, you have an interest in seeing good leaders become truly great leaders.

To do that, you need a coaching program that really works — one that is custom tailored to your unique needs!

The problem is, the coaching journey can seem vague and mysterious. And finding the right coach can be elusive.

Effective Coaching Depends On Good Data And Processes

We believe a coaching process should…

At every step you should know where you are in that process.

That’s why we use world-class, data-rich assessments, and a crystal-clear collaborative process throughout your coaching engagement.

Here's How We Do It


We meet with you to understand your situation and to gauge readiness, commitment, and chemistry.


We conduct an assessment. This is where we get the unique data that drives the coaching engagement.

Development Plan

We look at the assessment results and create a Development Plan. The coach, the leader, and the sponsor together define areas of focus, goals, and length of engagement.


We begin the initial coaching, usually by video conference or phone. At the midpoint, we measure progress and refine the engagement.

Conclusion and Follow Through

We conduct a closing survey of key stakeholders to ensure goals are met, and determine any follow-through actions required.

Work With Us

Together, we will…

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