Team Workshops

Is Your Team Aligned And High-Performing?

You want your team to be aligned and high-performing. Maybe you’d even like them to enjoy working together!

But without alignment teams struggle. Instead of high performance you get…

Healthy Teams Are Cultivated

Your organization can’t reach its potential when your team is struggling!

The problem is, a group of individuals rarely becomes a high performing team without intentional effort. As their leader, you may want to cultivate true teamwork but might be unsure how to make it happen.

We believe people should enjoy coming to work and contributing as part of an engaged team. And we believe work is more meaningful when individuals feel valued and understood. That doesn’t happen often enough and is a leading reason why team engagement is typically low.

It’s a shame. And it doesn’t have to be this way!

Converge Coaching & Consulting provides workshops that transform groups of individuals into high-performing teams.

Here's How We Do It

Discovery Session

We meet with you to fully understand your team’s situation and your desire for improvement.

Workshop Design

Based on the discovery session, we design a workshop to transform your team. This workshop may use…

  • DiSC Workplace to help members understand one another
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team to learn specific methods of working better together
  • Work of Leaders to fine tune executive vision, create alignment, and execute effectively

Assessment and Facilitation

We schedule a date to send assessment links to your team members, and then use the results to facilitate an engaging workshop for your team with follow-up to track how you are progressing.

Work With Us

Together, we will…

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