Manager Development Programs

Good Managers Are Not Born That Way

As a manager, you have the single greatest impact on your workplace culture. And ideally, your management fosters a culture exhibiting the best attributes.

  • High morale
  • Stellar results
  • People who give their best effort
  • A workplace that employees brag about

You want to lead well, and you deserve to maximize your potential.

The trouble is, you were probably promoted because you’re a superb technical expert. But technical expertise does not necessarily translate into management expertise. We’re not born with this ability.

You Need A New Skill Set

Converge Coaching & Consulting offers proven processes to develop the skills you need to become an effective manager — one who can create a high-performing culture.

Here are some options…

In-Person Launch!

Our in-person Launch!™ Manager Development Program is a 10-week accelerated path to excellence provided at your workplace for a group of your managers (6 minimum). In person Launch!™ includes:
  • Your Everything DiSC® Management assessment
  • 5 engaging half-day classes
  • 3 private coaching sessions
  • Ongoing access to, an online learning platform.
Learners practice what they learn in the work environment and report to their peers during each class session.

Online Launch!

Our online Launch!™ course is a 10-week accelerated path to excellence for a closed group of learners working at their own pace. Online Launch!™ includes:
  • New modules delivered every two weeks during the course
  • Exclusive social media group for mutual support
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Group coaching sessions
  • A VIP option for 3 private coaching sessions
Learners practice what they learn in their work environment and report to the group for accountability.

New Manager Assimilation

We offer a structured, highly productive process to start new managers off on the right foot quickly. This is a day dedicated to:

  • Getting to know your team members
  • Getting your team members to know you
  • Quickly surface concerns, excitement, personalities, expectations and more

Your team will appreciate how intentional you are about hearing their perspectives and sharing yours.

It’s an incredible way to build a solid foundation right from the start!

Private Coaching

If you prefer private coaching, we will select the appropriate assessment as a foundation, and then craft a coaching engagement that meets your unique needs.

Work With Us

Together we will…

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