Manager Development Programs

Good Managers Are Not Born That Way

As a manager, you have the single greatest impact on your workplace culture. And ideally, your management fosters a culture exhibiting the best attributes.

  • High morale
  • Stellar results
  • People who give their best effort
  • A workplace that employees brag about

You want to lead well, and you deserve to maximize your potential.

The trouble is, you were probably promoted because you’re a superb technical expert. But technical expertise does not necessarily translate into management expertise. We’re not born with this ability.

You Need A New Skill Set

Converge Coaching & Consulting offers proven processes to develop the skills you need to become an effective manager — one who can create a high-performing culture.

Here are some options…

In-Person Launch!

Our in-person Launch! Manager Development Program is a 10-week accelerated path to excellence provided at your workplace for a group of your managers (6 minimum).

In person Launch! includes:

  • Your Everything DiSC® Management assessment
  • 5 engaging half-day classes
  • 3 private coaching sessions
  • Ongoing access to, an online learning platform.

Learners practice what they learn in the work environment and report to their peers during each class session.

Online Launch!

Our online Launch! course debuts March 2020. It’s a 10-week accelerated path to excellence for a closed group of learners working at their own pace.

Online Launch! includes:

  • New modules delivered every two weeks during the course
  • Exclusive social media group for mutual support
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Group coaching sessions
  • A VIP option for 3 private coaching sessions

Learners practice what they learn in their work environment and report to the group for accountability.

New Manager Assimilation

We offer a structured, highly productive process to start new managers off on the right foot quickly. This is a day dedicated to:

  • Getting to know your team members
  • Getting your team members to know you
  • Quickly surface concerns, excitement, personalities, expectations and more

Your team will appreciate how intentional you are about hearing their perspectives and sharing yours.

It’s an incredible way to build a solid foundation right from the start!

Private Coaching

If you prefer private coaching, we will select the appropriate assessment as a foundation, and then craft a coaching engagement that meets your unique needs.

Work With Us

Together we will…

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