Three Ways to Win when Bringing People Back to the Office

A group of people sitting around a table with an open sign in background.

Last week my husband’s organization returned to the office. As a large entity, this entailed extensive planning to ensure health-related policies were in place, technology was up to date, and the office building itself was ready to welcome workers. The return to the office has caused a little disruption for our family. During the pandemic … Read more

What Great Managers Do to Lead Healthy Virtual Teams

A woman in a virtual team sitting on a couch using a laptop.

If you’re like most managers, you’re trying to figure out how to keep people productive and engaged while working remotely. And you may swing between two positions.  On the one hand… You don’t want to bug people if they’re working contentedly and productively at home. Why create unnecessary meetings? Worse, maybe they’ll feel like you’re … Read more

Managers, Are You Suffering from Burnout?

A group of managers engaging in leadership development exercises with sticky notes on their heads.

I’ll never forget early in my management career, getting an email from my boss at 5:43 am. I was getting ready for work, just out of the shower, hair dripping wet, checking email before driving to the office. I was wound up a little tight over this new position and this new boss. I wanted … Read more

Are You a Manager or a Leader? Here’s a Quick Test to Find Out!

A group of women laughing around a conference table.

Leaders and managers are both critically important to an organization. While the competencies required in both roles can be useful in either position, there are clear distinctions between the functions. And knowing whether you’re more naturally inclined toward a manager role or a leader role can be helpful.  This quick test can also help you … Read more

The Four Corners Formula: Take HR from Transactional to Transformational

Two businessmen shaking hands in an office.

So you’re in HR…in a company that’s small or mid-size. You’re probably very focused on the compliance side of HR. Compensation, benefits, required training…all that.  But your company is growing and you’re wondering…or maybe your executive team is asking…what do we do about developing our leaders and their teams?  Well, I think of the compliance … Read more

Want To KNOW your EQ Score?

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